Update on Tom Lee! I stopped by to see Tom & Margaret at his request on March 25, 2014 and they gave me a signed copy of their newest book. I also scored a mention on page 3 . Thank you Tom!! I can’t believe I only saw them once since they had been here. They are such a delightful couple and really love our town. Apparently, Tom Lee made many appearances locally dressed as Lt. Col. Benjamin Kendrick Pierce.

I was recently told by my new-found friend, Tom Lee that, “Everything is connected”. I believe Tom is right. I first met Tom at the Mayor’s Coffee a few months ago, but did not have time to really chat. I was fascinated with his story and wanted to know more about him. As the CEO of Treasures of Fort Pierce, I’m always looking for something that is interesting and fun about Fort Pierce. Tom Lee was certainly on my list of “Things to do”.  As busy as I am promoting and family life duties, I was finally able to schedule a nice chat with Tom. I brought along my assistant Katie, who helped video tape some of the interview for me.

We met Tom at K-Dock across from the Manatee Station. It was a beautiful breezy day to sit on a sailboat and learn more about this delightful man. Tom Lee said he was the oldest working Librarian in Michigan and had retired a few years ago. He said he always knew he wanted to come to Fort Pierce, Florida on a sailboat. It was not hard to get information out of him. He spoke about some fun adventures along the way and some of his own history. For example, He has an identical twin brother named Eugene Lee who is pretty famous in his own right. He’s a production designer for Saturday Night Live and many other set productions like “Wicked”.  He also wrote a book called, “The Adventures of Eugene”.

But, getting back to Tom and his ventures. He sailed on a C&C 27 sailboat from Michigan to K-Dock in 2 and a half months with one crew member. He landed in Fort Pierce and quickly emersed himself into the community by entering in the Christmas Boat Parade and he won a $100.00 prize for his boat in that categorie. He proudly stated , ” I adopted Fort Pierce” and using a bike as his mode of transportation in historic downtown Fort Pierce, he visits the businesses and blogs about Fort Pierce and his new friends. He handed me a business card which said. ” Member card for Friends of Fort Pierce blog”.  Apparently, I’m a member in good standing. Tom also discussed how popular his Sock Monkey has become and how he integrates Sock Monkey into his life and blogging. It surprised me that for someone in his 70’s, he sure knew about modern technology and how to use social media marketing. It was a fun day for all of us and Tom is considered a” Treasure of Fort Pierce!”  I have posted some pictures and please visit Tom’s website and follow his blogging adventures at www.friendsoffortpierce.com


Plythe Freedman holds a MA in Youth Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary. She is a mother of two. Her passion for small businesses and her community has been displayed through her many hours of volunteering and meeting with city officials to assist in promoting Fort Pierce. She is also a former board member of Grace Way Village, a non profit organization that helps clothe and feed disadvantaged children. She is a former member of the Chamber of Commerce and a former Royal Palms member. She served on the RDC advisory board at Suncoast Mental Health Center. And She was appointed by a City Commissioner to serve on the CRA Advisory Committee as the chair. She worked with Frontline For Kids as their public relations specialist and had her own column in the Lincoln Park Main Street Showcase. Plythe's goal is to promote Fort Pierce as a destination for families to visit, live, work and play.


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