Ali Nugent Miss Texas
Ali Nugent Miss Texas

If you have never been interested in watching the Miss USA Pageant , you might want to change your mind because the daughter of a Fort Pierce Hometown girl will be competing today, June 16th, live at 9pm on the NBC telecast. It started with her mother Jamie Scharfschwerdt Nugent who had held the Title of “Miss Treasure Coast” and the” Sandy Shoes Queen” in 1979. The Scharfschwerdt’s were a Fort Pierce pioneer family. Jamie Scharfschwerdt graduated from John Carroll High School in 1978, attended IRCC  for a few years and took a job  in Miami. She then moved to Orlando where she met her husband Warren Nugent. They have three boys and two girls and have been residing in Dallas, Texas since 1990. They own a family business and always adopted the attitude, ” To work hard in order to give back. We are blessed so we can help others” , Jamie told me on the phone  just this morning. Our conversation was exciting because her daughter has moved up to this level of accomplishment with a humble spirit and even though Ali was born in Texas, there is always that connection to Fort Pierce, Florida because of her mom Jamie.

Jamie Scharfschwerdt Nugent in 1978 graduation picture from John Carroll
Jamie Scharfschwerdt Nugent in 1978 graduation picture from John Carroll

When Ali was 18 months old, Jamie put her daughter in her first pageant in 1994 called “Miss Gingerbread” , and Ali won her first Title. The pageant was supposed to be “just for fun” but 18 years later the “Miss Texas” title was a reality. Now she gets to compete for the “Miss USA” title. She has only been in about five pageants, but Jamie told me, ” Early on Ali realized she could make a difference and for a 20 year old to grasp that concept is amazing.”  After Ali was crowned Miss Texas, she attended an event called “Helping Hero’s.” She was so moved by the event which raised over 400,000 dollars, that she started a website called, . The site was created to raise awareness of the severely wounded returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. The money goes towards building homes for these wounded soldiers who helped provide us freedom in this country.  Ali’s motto is to ” Always Love and Inspire”.

Ali Nugent
Miss Florida and Miss Texas

Now tonight the heat is on and we should all be rooting for Miss Texas because of her ties to Fort Pierce. Her mother Jamie assured me by saying, ” She is not nervous at all, but is very calm, cool and is having fun meeting new people and making new friends.” Ali said she most admires her mother and father and if you knew Jamie in high school, then that is a great treasure.

I wanted to follow-up on last nights dramatic USA pageant. Ali did an amazing job and it is obvious our hometown former Miss Treasure Coast and Sandy Shoes Queen Jamie Nugent is an outstanding mother. Who would have thought that the Facebook pages in Fort Pierce would be going crazy about a Miss Texas? We were all on the edge of our seats watching as Ali made the top 15, then the top 10 and almost did not make the top 5, but at a surprise last-minute moment SHE became one of the top 6!!!!! Ali was beautiful and poised and even though she did not win the Miss USA title last night , over here in Fort Pierce Florida, she won the hearts of us and became Miss Fort Pierce! Ali, Jamie and all your family, thank you for a fun night in which normally not many of us on Father’s Day would be watching a pageant. Best Wishes as Miss Texas and when you are in town, please let us know. I think your mom has a reunion coming up!!!!!

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