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Plythe Freedman holds a MA in Youth Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary. She is a mother of two. Her passion for small businesses and her community has been displayed through her many hours of volunteering and meeting with city officials to assist in promoting Fort Pierce. She is also a former board member of Grace Way Village, a non profit organization that helps clothe and feed disadvantaged children. She is a former member of the Chamber of Commerce and a former Royal Palms member. She served on the RDC advisory board at Suncoast Mental Health Center. And She was appointed by a City Commissioner to serve on the CRA Advisory Committee as the chair. She worked with Frontline For Kids as their public relations specialist and had her own column in the Lincoln Park Main Street Showcase. Plythe's goal is to promote Fort Pierce as a destination for families to visit, live, work and play.

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  1. 1

    Margie Milam

    Would like Dinner reservations for Beachfront Inn for Hotel Hell. I’m a big fan of Gordon Ramsey and all of his FOX TV shows. Also looking forward to the up coming Masterchef Juniors.
    Thanks you for considering me and my family.

  2. 2


    Margie, please send in your request on the gmail provided on this page.

  3. 3

    Tim Burklew

    I would love reservations but can not find the gmail address. can you email me that address?


  4. 4

    Tim Burklew

    Not sure if the first email went trough

    I am looking for reservations for Hotel Hell

    Huge fan

    Can not find the Gmail address. please email me that address


  5. 5


    It’s in bold on the page

  6. 6

    Craig Butler

    Hi I would like diner on October 27th for my mom’s birthday there r 3 of us

  7. 7


    Please use the email above to reserve your spot

  8. 8

    Miki McMurtry


  9. 9


    Please use the email to reserve your spot

  10. 10

    Dhana Striebel

    I love the inlet and its atmosphere. I would love to have reservations for 4 people. The inlet has the best live reggae bands. Love that place

  11. 11


    When will we know if we are picked.

  12. 12

    Caleta Scott

    This is tremendous for Fort Pierce and The Inlet! Thank you!

  13. 13


    The production team will inform you.

  14. 14

    Heidi Condon

    Reservations for two please! Any night that is available in the dining room.

  15. 15

    John Richards

    Tried the web site but didn’t reach. Would love any reservation I could get for me and my fiancé we watch all his shows.

    Thank you

  16. 16


    John. It’s not a website, it’s an email

  17. 17

    Dale McTaggart

    Requesting a dinner reservation for four….any night that has an opening. My friends are fun and engaging….would love the opportunity.

  18. 18

    Nathan Rivaldo

    My wife and I would love to be guests at Chef Ramseys UPCOMING event in Fort Pierce Please advise me if there is space available for us and what I need to do next to make this happen Thank you for your consideration Nathan Rivaldo

  19. 19

    Nathan Rivaldo

    We would love to be present at this event We are loyal fans of all Chef Ramseys shows

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