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“Doing Myself A Favor: Loving My Wife” is the sequel to the national best seller “Do Yourself A Favor: Love Your Wife” by Dr. H. Page Williams which was published in 1973 and since has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and is still in publication with Bridge Publishing. This book deals with the every day, mundane and yet critical realities that makes or breaks your marriage.

Adolph Coors IV, the heir of the Coors Brewing Company mentions Page’s 1st book ” Do Yourself A Favor: Love Your Wife” in all his speaking engagements and tells how the book helped in his life.

Bestselling Author of “Do Yourself A Favor: Love Your Wife” and ” Doing Myself A Favor: Loving My Wife”
Here is What Dr. H. Page Williams said about his book:

In writing “Doing Myself a Favor: Loving My Wife”, I wanted to say something to and for “ordinary” people. I have received hundreds of letters and phone calls from ordinary people who have read the book I wrote in 1973, “Do Yourself a Favor: Love Your Wife,” a book that has sold approximately 500,000 copies. Men let me know about the positive impact the book made on their lives, their marriages and their families. My main concern in writing this sequel is that the thoughts and words I use in this book will be enabled by the power of God’s Spirit to touch your life and inspire you to a nobler life in Christ and a happier home life.

His Brother, H.D. Williams wanted to publish his brother’s book so that many could be touched by the message. In Addition, H.D. has published Dr. Patti Williams(wife of Dr. H. Page Williams) books in digital versions for purchase on his website, http://theoldpathspublications.com/Pages/Authors/HPWilliams.htm

H.D. Williams
HD Williams the brother of H. Page Williams

DR. H. D. Williams says this about Page:

My brother, H. Page Williams, a successful husband, preacher, pastor, teacher, and internationally known counselor, wrote this book, just before he went to his home in heaven in 1993. His lovely Christian wife, Patti, was and is an outstanding mother, wife, college professor, Dean of Women, and a marriage counselor with Page when he was alive. Patti is now retired from a successful career and has given us permission to republish their multiple books. Page and Patti were nationally known marriage counselors. Couples flew to their home from all across the nation seeking answers from them. They never failed to lift up the name of Jesus and His precepts. You would benefit greatly from their books, whether you are having marital problems or not.


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