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Here is a book that not only encompasses the lives of long ago adventuresome figures, but also the lives of modern-day adventurers, explorers and treasure-hunters. Thanks to the detailed manifests of the ship’s cargo, which were drawn-up in the triplicate before the fleet left Havana harbor en-route back to Spain, the salvors of sunken Spanish galleons are able to ascertain the amount of treasure still aboard the ships when they went down and whether or not the wrecks had already been salvaged by the Spaniards themselves.


“Man Overboard” is 19.95 plus 5 dollars shipping, and “uncharted Waters” is 24.95 plus 5 dollars shipping. I will sign to whoever its going to with an enclosed cancelled check from Jack Haskins, to have as an autograph, and a book marker, while they last. My paypal is CAPTAINFIZZ@YAHOO.COM all large caps. Or mail a check to Spanish Main Treasure Co. at P.O. Box 1733 Tavernier, Fl 33070.

If you buy one, let them know you saw it at this website.


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