Small Businesses are the heart beat of America. It’s what we “stand” for, “The Great American Dream” right? It requires sacrifice, hard work and risk-taking. Well, as I watch my clients and other small businesses downsize or fold up shop, I get very emotional. I’m seeing the starter business that was just getting up and running, or a long time business that is now considered NON ESSENTIAL during this COVID-19 Pandemic just close down. However, it is teaching us about what is truly important as we work from home, and educate our children from home. We still are the heartbeat of America and we can overcome this. I’m witnessing small businesses having to reinvent themselves again and in the process wanting to help others too.

One business that is having to downsize, but, can still work is Dragon Fly Graphics. They have come up with a creative way to stay working but give back to others. DFG is a locally owned and operated company for 21 years. Allen and Paula Coffey decided to come up with a shirt that says, “Stand with Small Business”. When you buy the Fort Pierce Connection shirt, or the Treasures of Fort Pierce shirt, the proceeds will go towards a non for profit.

Want to get one for your company? Here is Dragon Fly Graphics statement.
It’s time to Pay it forward and Stand with local Small Business! Covid-19 has affected small businesses in unprecedented ways, including us here at DFG. To help our local partners, and keep our presses running, we have designed a shirt representing their business. For each one sold, we will give back 10.00 to that business! We will ship anywhere in the great USA!! Please take a minute to check out the shirts and the participating businesses. Any business is welcome to sign up, just send us a message or call us at the shop 879-9800. These are hard times but we will all get through this together! If you can’t purchase a shirt, no problem! You can still help us get the word out ! Thank you!!

Emma and Abby

Plythe Freedman holds a MA in Youth Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary. She is a mother of two. Her passion for small businesses and her community has been displayed through her many hours of volunteering and meeting with city officials to assist in promoting Fort Pierce. She is also a former board member of Grace Way Village, a non profit organization that helps clothe and feed disadvantaged children. She is a former member of the Chamber of Commerce and a former Royal Palms member. She served on the RDC advisory board at Suncoast Mental Health Center. And She was appointed by a City Commissioner to serve on the CRA Advisory Committee as the chair. She worked with Frontline For Kids as their public relations specialist and had her own column in the Lincoln Park Main Street Showcase. Plythe's goal is to promote Fort Pierce as a destination for families to visit, live, work and play.

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