Celebrate the Fort Pierce Inlet 100 Year Anniversary starting May 8th with a schedule of events.

It took the incredible perseverance of an intrepid community of fishermen, business moguls, and visionary hard-working families to make the Fort Pierce Inlet the international shipping port that it has become today.

But before it was a port, and before it was even an inlet, it was a prosperous fishing community that when faced with repeated challenges, natural disasters, and financial hurdles, still managed to push this feat of engineering through and create something that would bring economic opportunity for generations more than a century later.

Join us in the month of May as we celebrate the history of our beautiful inlet and all of the people and milestones it represents.

A bit of history:

Edwin Binney, creator of Binney & Smith Crayola Crayons was instrumental in the vision of the Fort Pierce Inlet.

Binney was an avid fisherman and yachtsman who had a vision to make Fort Pierce the finest port between Jacksonville and Miami. But the only inlet was a natural opening north of the current Fort Pierce Inlet that often closed with storms.

With Binney leading the effort, initial dredging of the Fort Pierce Inlet began in 1920 and the cut was completed in 1921. Binney also created the Port of Fort Pierce, complete with a refrigerated terminal for holding fruit.

Binney played a key role in shoring up the community as the Depression approached. When the St. Lucie County Bank was close to collapsing in 1929, Binney put up enough of his own money to keep it open. He also donated land along the inlet that is now the Fort Pierce Coast Guard Station and the Pelican Yacht Club, which includes the Sea Scout building. (Insert from Indian River Magazine)

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Plythe Freedman holds a MA in Youth Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary. She is a mother of two. Her passion for small businesses and her community has been displayed through her many hours of volunteering and meeting with city officials to assist in promoting Fort Pierce. She is also a former board member of Grace Way Village, a non profit organization that helps clothe and feed disadvantaged children. She is a former member of the Chamber of Commerce and a former Royal Palms member. She served on the RDC advisory board at Suncoast Mental Health Center. And She was appointed by a City Commissioner to serve on the CRA Advisory Committee as the chair. She worked with Frontline For Kids as their public relations specialist and had her own column in the Lincoln Park Main Street Showcase. Plythe's goal is to promote Fort Pierce as a destination for families to visit, live, work and play.

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